Brand history of Xiamen Golden Horse Skate Co. Ltd.


         Xiamen Golden Horse Skate Co. Ltd. is a solely owned Taiwanese company, established in 1969. During that period of time when quad roller skating was booming, Golden Horse skates were popular in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, occupying 80% of the market share in Asia.“Golden Horse” is in the first place of top ten brands of skates. In 1991,with the reform and opening up of the mainland China, the company was also relocated to beautiful Xiamen City and became the first foreign-funded enterprise that specialized in making all kinds of skates in mainland China. From 1993 to 2000, roller skating were extremely prevailing in mainland China. Even up to now, there is no suspense that Golden Horse Skates is still occupying 80% of market share, and is still the top one brand of quad roller skates.


        Later on, with the demands of the market, we have gradually developed a variety of inline skates series and ice skates series. From 1997, our brand has become more and more famous around the world, from the skating kingdom – America and then to Europe, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

        In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards in China, more and more people pay attention to sports, especially with the successful bid to host the 2020 Winter Olympics. Therefore, we re-concentrated our focus back on the domestic market, we still not only export good products overseas but also want people in this land being able to have nice qualityskates to use. People in Europe and the America usually have relatively narrow, flat and long feet, but the Asian people tend to have wide feet.  Thus, making adjustments based on Asian people’s feet features, we make the boots more suitable for Chinese people, not only much more comfortable for customers but also with nice looking.

 Brand history of Xiamen Golden Horse Skate Co. Ltd.


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