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说明: Service PledgeOur solemn promises:1. From the date of sale, we guarantee that the shoe hooks will not come off the boots and the outsoles will not separate with the uppers in six months. Within such warranty period, if anything mentioned above comes off, the customer can send back the boots back to the supplier and the supplier will repair the boots without further charge. However, the freight will be split in two sides: with the coming in freight going to the customer and the sending out freight going to the supplier. When out of warranty period, the supplier will appropriately charge some fees based on the parts replaced or repaired. 2, One year warranty on the blades. During the warranty period, if the blades break, the customers should send back the blades to the supplier for repl...
说明: Routine maintenance of ice skates How to maintain ice skates? 1. When placing the skate and getting in and out of the ice rink, blade protection casings should be used to protect the blades from damage. Do not use skates on uneven ice surfaces or surfaces with gravels and cracks. After use, wipe clean the skate blades and coat a layer of oil for rust proof.2. Glycerin should be applied to the skates before and after use in order to prevent the skates from being wetted with snowflakes and ice foam. After glycerin is coated, wipe off excess glycerin, coat a layer of shoe polish and a layer of transparent shoe polish to prevent cracking and moist mildew. By doing so, you can maximize the service life of the skates.  What should I pay attention to when using the skates?...
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