2016 world speed roller skating championships emblem, mascot and release the official website

Date: 2016-07-28
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On February 1, 2016 the international skating union at its headquarters in Rome awarded title of "world of roller skating" in nanjing, this is the world's first city was awarded the honorary title.World speed roller skating trophy in 2016 Game will be in September 10 solstice on the 18th was held in nanjing.The roller skating world championships set up track race, road race and roller skating marathon three categories, some from more than 40 countries/regions more than 500 contestants roller skating.Recently, the world speed roller skating championships organizing committee in 2016 was formally established, marked the preparations for the roller skating world championships was at full blast.With the advancement of preparatory work, in 2016 in the world today speed roller skating championships emblem, mascot officially released, synchronous running official website.

In February 2016, the roller skating world championships emblem and mascots for work early start, soliciting public announcement at the international federation of roller skating, roller skating association of China, nanjing sports sites and roller skating related to the global mobile phone APP, filling deadline on February 10, 81 receied emblem, mascot contribute 31 (including foreign emblem from 20), the professional review, from zhejiang hangzhou Zhang Xun the emblem and mascots designed pattern is identified as a formal plan.

  The mascot


Logo by nanjing English first letter "N" through the clever combination of art, at the same time in the modelling in nanjing "walls" and "speed roller skating athlete" and "the Yangtze river water" topics such as elements, embodies the speed skating in 2016 world tournament of "nanjing, roller skating world" logo design theme, show the brilliant color and sharpness of the strokes, embodies the "swifter, higher, stronger" Olympic spirit and nanjing "open open, honest, integrity, fraternity burson-marsteller, entrepreneurial innovation" spirit of the city.Emblem USES "hard red" color, blue "movement" for the secondary color.The emblem of the overall concise air, rich implication, embody the characteristics and artistic characteristics at an organic whole, the strong artistic appeal.

Mascot, hereinafter referred to as "she" takes its name from nanjing, is a specialty of nanjing "yuhua stone visual elements, design symbol world speed roller skating athletes through the field and, like rain flower stones after ten million years of temper, coruscate gives beautiful beautiful.Mascot design using colorful color of rain flower stones, with cartoon art technique organically to form a forward speed roller skating athletes form, the overall visual display the roller skating world brocade match the theme of the characteristics and cultural connotation of speed roller skating, but also highlight the local characteristics and cultural background of nanjing.

Emblem and mascots for release in 2016 marked the world speed roller skating championships preparatory work has entered into a new stage, in the next six months or so, the organizing committee will arrange, in accordance with the progress of the preparations for the total body do fine do real operation plan, further accelerate the site construction of facilities, running security work earnestly, to ensure that in September for roller skating athletes from all over the world in a wonderful unforgettable roller skating event, the nanjing city and the people of the most beautiful image display in front of the world!

At the same time of release the emblem and mascots, 2016 world speed roller skating championship tournament's official website (www.njrollersports.org) has been running at the same time.The net station "of nanjing, roller skating world" as the core, containing the world speed roller skating championships and 2016 nanjing city culture, transportation, hotel services, is introduced, the school skating, roller skating movement club activities on capacity, will be in during the games for all types of customers to provide rich and efficient information services.Site also with the international skating union website, link to the website of Chinese roller skating association.

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